We are a company formed by professionals, dedicated exclusively to advising you in regards to your selection and marketing of promotional gifts and corporate gifts. Established in 2001, we have performed thousands of successful campaigns with our promotional items.

Promotional Gifts Items

From our ability to supply small amounts of advertising gifts with in stock products, to our customization of promotional products and our ability to select and import for our customers large volumes of promotional gifts using the most innovative printing techniques, we are one of the most competitive companies within the advertising gift sector. In this electronic catalog you will find a small selection of some of the promotional items that we sell. If you are looking for a particular promotional gift and cannot find it in our catalog, please contact us, and we will be sure to meet your needs. If your claim is looking for significant quantities of promotional gifts for some concrete action promotional marketing, please call us and we can provide you solutions with our import service.
 We hope to secure your confidence in your next selection of promotional gifts and corporate gifts for your clients. 

Not only do we offer promotioinal gifts we also offer the development of creative marketing strategies, implementation into design, print, promotional gifts, exhibition stands etc.


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Our company is the new name in providing creative marketing solutions for businesses and organizations since 2001. We look forward to helping our current and new clients on their next campaign with fresh new creative input and ideas. We are dedicated to staying current on trends and technology to truly be a resource to our customers. This website is meant to be a research tool for you and not an online store. Digital catalogs can be found here and we do have physical catalogs from our top suppliers who are experts in all areas of promotional products and apparel. We believe to be of service to our clients we need to act as advisers and consultants who understand your marketing objectives both inside your organization and outside in the marketplace before recommending solutions that fit. Please feel free to call, text, e-mail any of our team members and experience our willingness to really help get your business the best results in your branded marketing campaigns

Our specialty in our agency services lies in the pharmaceutical market where we handle a number of major pharmaceutical products marketing strategies from concept through to implementation in the form of printed material and promotional items.

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Embroidery costs are made up of two parts; firstly the “embroidery origination” which is a one-off charge to create the embroidery file, and secondly the “embroidery charge” which is based on the number of stitches in your design. When considering embroidery against screen printing, here are a few things to consider; Embroidery gives a quality appearance, is durable, and as embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches not colour, is usually more cost effective for small multicolour logos. The cons to embroidery would be; large logos (with therefore large number of stitches) are usually more expensive, embroidery can’t reproduce graduated colours well, and very small text would not be legible.

Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers

These are full colour digitally printed clothing transfers which can be cut into various shapes and sizes. After printing, the transfer is pressed onto your garment under extreme heat and pressure to make it adhere. These can be applied to both light and dark garments, the dark shirt transfers are opaque, so don't allow the colour of the garment to show through. The high quality digital print makes it ideal for intricate designs. It is usually a slow process so it is not recommended for bulk printing, and it is not suitable for all fabrics as it requires the garments to be able to resist high temperatures.

Our Ethics

Our Ethics

Here at Sameday Print we love our planet and believe in helping to save it through ethical business. ‘Organic’ and ‘Fairtrade’ have become bywords, certainly in the t-shirt printing industry, and many customers are becoming much more discerning about the garments and products that they buy. Businesses are being compelled to consider what impact their business is having on the planet - both socially and environmentally. One industry that is under scrutiny is the cotton clothing and t-shirt printing market as it seems to have encompassed many of the areas of concern: sweatshops, child labour, pesticides and deforestation. It is not surprising therefore that many of our customers are starting to take a real interest in the ‘purity’ of their printed t-shirts and promotional clothing lines.

Corporate Wear

Our most popular styles are polo shirts and t-shirts. Polo shirts are business dress in our  area and we have hundreds of options to choose from including custom pieces. Decoration is most often embroidery but can include heat transfer for fine details and small text, Deboss, Laser and other decorating options. T-shirts are used for contractors and related trades as logoed work wear. Besides polo shirts and t-shirts, we can decorate all kinds of apparel for your uniform needs.

Trade Shows

We support our customers with recommendations, sourcing, design, with on time and on budget delivery of items to support these types of corporate events. Items we supply include banners, floor displays, inside and outside flags and signs, and take away promotional items. We also can customize event apparel for permanent or temporary staff and provide other custom promotional items to make your event memorable.


For profit and not for profit organizations run events to celebrate, raise money, to thank customers and just because. We can assist with sponsor recognition items including banners, long lasting useful give away gifts with custom packaging or any type of bag. For corporate events and volunteer recognition events we can supply appropriate gifts including apparel which will support the brand whenever the attendees wear the items in the future.

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Welcome to , we are a company dedicated to the marketing of promotional gifts and corporate gifts since 2001. In our electronic catalog of promotional gifts, you will find a selection of promotional items that we offer. We offer both imported and European-manufactured items, as well as advertising gifts that can be personalized to meet your needs. We are specialize in supplying all the promotional gifts you will need for your next trade show or conference in Europe, without additional costs (see our conditions of sale). For 17 years, we have been providing advertising gifts for a wide range of events, please contact us.