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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • All printing remains the property of Sameday Print until full payment has been received
  • All colour should be provided in CMYK or Pantone. Depending on the printing method used
  • If any time needs to be spend correcting your artwork, an artwork fee will be charged. You will however be notified in advance
  • All fonts in artwork should either be converted to curves/outlines or the font should be provided. If a font is used that we do not have on our system, the software might convert to a similar font without our knowledge. Should this happen, it should be visible in the proof design and should be brought to our attention.
  • Images should be high resolution. Should an image be of low quality, we will notify you but we are not responsible to find a replacement image.
  • Only once the deposit has been received and the final artwork approved will we start processing the order
  • With approval of your artwork we assume you have check all information including but not only spelling and numbers, colours and design. We process a lot of orders daily and do make mistakes. Should there be any mistake, we will not be held responsible once the artwork has been approved. We will print “as is”.
  • Printing only takes place during working days, Monday – Saturday from 8am – 5pm.
  • Public holidays are not considered working days even if it falls on a week day.
  • If approval and deposit is received after 10 am on the same day, processing will only start from the following working day
  • Please allow enough time, in case your artwork needs adjusting. We will send you a proof design after every correction, this may take a bit of time to get to the final product. We can not be held responsible if enough time was not planned. Our aim is to rather get the job done right than to rush it and have to reprint later. This will result in more time and money going to waste.
  • Always bear in mind, we have other customers as well and can not always attend to your requests immediately.
  • Even with a colour code, please know that different printing methods, inks and media result in different colours even though the same code is used. We always aim to produce a colour as close as possible to the desired colour
  • Reruns of artwork my result in the colour of ink differing from the order to the next. This is due to factors like, age of paint, water content etc. We always try to produce it a close match as possible
  • Important information for example specific colour codes, design guidelines or due date of a print should be brought to our attention when the quote is requested or at latest when the order is placed. Once the printing process has started, we can not always alter the process without incurring more charges or risk losing more time. We can not be held responsible should this happen as we where not made aware of the information
  • All payments need to clear in our account before we process any order. Make cash deposits or Real time EFT Payments.
  • We are not obligated to refund a deposit. Time may have been spend and/or other orders held back to process your order.
  • We are not VAT registered and do not charge VAT
  • We do accept approval via email even though a handwritten signature has not been given.
  • Promotions or specials where we charge less for not doing the artwork and where the customer should provide a print ready artwork, we will print the artwork as is. If any mistakes were made in the artwork we can not be held responsible. In general we assume what you have sent is what you want but if we see something that might look incorrect, we will notify you or confirm. It is however not our responsibility to make sure your artwork is correct
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